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What do we think of when we think of summer, you ask? Well, everyone knows summer isn’t summer without attending at LEAST one killer music festival (or dreaming about attending one). Here’s our Coachella sized inspiration written from right here on our Couchella. But, if you missed out (like we did), never fear! There are still TONS of epic festivals coming up. From Burning Man to Lollapalooza to Bonnaroo: we’ve got our L.V.Kiki top picks of what to wear when you want to seen!

It’s going to be hard to get through summer 2016 without encountering (and purchasing your own) flowing, boho-chic poncho. Swoop up our reptile, tribal print, or floral ponchos and many of our products below with this exclusive blog post for your perfect outfit. Some of these products are being offered for you and you ONLY! Just click on the hyperlinks or search the product name on our store and the item is yours!
We love them paired with cut off shorts, ankle fit jeans, or a maxi! Poncho’s are easily the best and most versatile way to add some interest and flare to any outfit you’ve already got on hand!
Festival footwear…it’s one of the absolute hardest elements of an outfit to nail when you’re prepping to stand for such a long time. But ladies: we know how difficult it is to see over all those heads when you don’t have any lift. We’ve got the perfect solution! Our Peep Toe Mini Wedge adds height while still remaining comfortable to wear ALL DAY LONG. And, seriously, could they BE any cuter?
Peep Toe Mini Wedge

After pouring over photo after photo of celebs gracing the fields of Coachella we KNOW a staple accessory when we see one, and this year it’s rings, rings, rings! Get your hands on these, and get these on your hands!

The Hinge Rope Texture Ring is the perfect pop of interest with it’s gorgeous jade stones, and textured band. Wear them as a set or stagger them with the chunky Hammered Metal Stretch Ring and Anchor Midi Ring. Now you’ve finally got that excuse to treat yourself to the mani you’ve been meaning to get!
If you can’t make your mind up about which of these adorable accessories you want/NEED to add to your collection this summer we’ve got the perfect solution: check out our customer favorite boxes!

We here at LVKiki hope that y’all have the BEST summer rocking our adorable, affordable accessories. Shoot us a ‘gram of you rockin’ your favorite L.V.KiKi festival accessory to @shoplvkiki using the hashtag #LVKiKiFashion. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Remember some of these items are exclusively ONLY FOR YOU!

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