About L.V. Kiki

L.V.Kiki is the home for the fashion accessories obsessed.


Our Mission:
Empowering Women

L.V. Kiki is devoted to helping women everywhere to pursue their dreams and shoot for the stars. We strive to achieve our goal by donating to women’s empowerment organizations across the country. We consider it our mission to further the important message of a more inclusive, gender equal world; to campaign against violence and sexual harassment, to forge women’s advancement, to celebrate all of our achievements and to champion women’s education.

Who we've empowered:

Femme Beat,
Phoenix Style Tribe,
Hudson County's women for Women Event,
Miss NY America Organization

Femme beat
Hudson County's Women for Women Event
Miss NY America Organization
Miss NJ America Organization
Phoenix Style Tribe
Junior League Breast Cancer Support Group


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