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When it’s Too Cold to Deal by Jessica Ibias

With the sudden chill in the air, fashion has been set aside in exchange for warmth and comfort. But, just because it is freezing out, it doesn’t mean you have to collectively resign all of fashion this season. It simply means we have to be a little more creative when getting dressed in the morning.

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5 Ways to Dress in November

With the weather being such a gamble these days, there’s a variety of ways to wear your cold weather accessories. Here are five tips to help you avoid the basic “legging and hoodie” look this season.

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The White T-shirt

We all know that when summer comes rolling around it’s easier to throw on a dress or a t shirt because it’s too hot to want to want to wear anything else. My Favorite go-to for the summer when I don’t know what to wear is jeans and a white t-shirt because you can style it many different ways. Also, nothing is more comfortable and stylish to wear during the sunny summer days than white clothing.   Now, L.V.Kiki accessories is here to help you create the perfect outfit using what you’ve received in past boxes or what you will receive in future boxes

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