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When it’s Too Cold to Deal by Jessica Ibias

With the sudden chill in the air, fashion has been set aside in exchange for warmth and comfort. But, just because it is freezing out, it doesn’t mean you have to collectively resign all of fashion this season. It simply means we have to be a little more creative when getting dressed in the morning.
This doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the cold to look cute. Learning how to layer like a fashionista will keep you warm without appearing like a giant marshmallow. Pick pieces that work together to create depth for a much more fashionable look instead of one single piece. Use color, mix up fabrics, and get creative!
Try things that you think don’t work well together. You’d be surprised at what you come up with. That includes when it’s snowing outside and you’re forced to wear less than fashionable snow boots. Use them as a starting point to put together a great new inventive outfit, rather than just throwing anything on. For instance, you can wear them over long socks with tailored pants, embracing the floor-grazing coat trend.
As the cold progresses, it is easy to become bored wearing the same warm winter coat on a daily basis. Simply add some life to your coat by belting it. Cinching the waist will create a whole new look, putting a unique twist on your everyday outerwear. This tip works for just about any style!
Lastly, with the winter coming you’ll probably want to splurge on a new pair of boots or a coat, but I advise you to invest in a good winter hat. Why not? You’re going to be wearing it for months. It might as well be something you love. L.V. Kiki’s Chunky Cable Knit Slouchy Skull Hat with a pom pom on top would make for a great accessory that will last all winter long.
Remember, the best time to experiment with your wardrobe is during the colder months. From statement coats to winter pastels, there are so many pieces that will simultaneously keep one on trend as well as warm and toasty!

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