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Top 6 Items to Take on Your Next Vacation

Packing Smart

If you have not been to the airport recently, let me tell you that airlines are charging more for additional luggage. How we pack and what we decide to pack has become crucial! Unless you want to pay for that extra bag, you need to pack light and precise. Packing light doesn’t mean you have to miss out on being stylish. The next 6 things we will recommend will be exactly what you need on your next vacation.

1) Wrinkle free clothing: The last thing we want to do is stress out about how wrinkled our clothes are and spend hours trying to get rid of all the wrinkles. There are many cute summer dresses and shirts that you can pack tightly without getting wrinkles on it. Look for blends of cotton, spandex, bamboo and polyester.

2) Utility Jewelry: We all know by now that accessories are important! However, don’t get crazy trying to look for specific jewelry for every outfit. Look at the outfits you are taking and choose pieces that will match with every outfit. Try and go for neutral pieces such as: a statement gold Necklace and a simple silver Necklace. If the jewelry you want to take only goes with one outfit, it is best to leave it at home. L.V.Kiki has equipped you with trendy neutral pieces the last couple of months that you can take on your next vacation.

3) Fashionable tote: A tote bag is important when going on vacation because it will be the most useful. You will use it as a beach bag, shopping bag, carry on and purse. Make sure you choose a water resistant (No leather or suede) bag so that you don’t have to worry if you get sunblock on it or sand. Also make sure that you have a bag with long handles so you can easily throw it over your shoulder.

4) Sun Protection: Please don’t forget sunblock or your skin will not be happy with you after spending hours in the sun! Choose one pair of glasses that you don’t mind losing or sitting on because anything can happen when you go on vacation & L.V.Kiki’s floppy hat is a must, it will make for fun stylish pictures!

5) Sandals: We know you are tempted to throw every shoe you own in the suitcase but resist! Just like in jewelry try and choose 2 pairs of shoes that would go with all your outfits. Try and stick to sandals that take less space and can easily be slipped into your tote bag. Simple ones can be for day time and you can pack sandals with pretty beading for the night.

6) Makeup: When we think of makeup we want to just pack everything up because you never know when you will need the bold new lipstick you bought. However, when on vacation you want to go for a more natural look which means you don’t need to take your entire makeup collection. Take one eyeshadow pallet with neutral colors, foundation, moisturizer, mascara, blush, and 2 lipsticks ( 1 neutral & 1 bold).

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