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New Year, New Looks

It is true that a girl can never have too many clothes, but what is more true is that she can never EVER have too many shoes and accessories! Here at L.V. KiKi we are having a great start to the New Year by providing you with the newest fashion trends of 2016.

We take pride in wanting you to look the BEST you can in this upcoming winter season.  Whether it’s providing you with an oversized statement necklace to accessorize your sweater weather outfit or even providing you with a stylish, fashion scarf to top it all off!

For only $15 we will provide you with just those trendy looks right to your front door. There is no need to even step outside in the dead of winter to go shopping for those must have accessories!  We have it covered for you! And all you need to do is subscribe and you will receive a box containing the selected accessories because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to receive gifts even after the holiday season is over?

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