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2016 Best Party Favor Ideas For Her Under $30

1. Personalized AMC Gift Card

Who wouldn't want to give their guests something they will not only use, but they will remember! Give the gift of a personalized AMC gift card with the guest of honor's picture, or better yet, put the face of each guest at your party on the gift card to make them leave with a laugh! Either way, it's a win, win. Click here to purchase.

 2. Boxy Charm

Ahh, the gift of make-up. Send them home with 4-5 full-size beauty products for $21 plus free shipping! ($100+ on average value each month). Any girl receiving this would for leave a party smiling. Subscribe for 1 month and then cancel with no fees or restrictions. Interested? Click here to purchase

3. Beautiful Day Bath & Body Works


The name says it all. Have your friends waking up in a good mood the day after your party with this $30 beauty. They'll wake up to shower, moisturize, and spray themselves and feel completely refreshed. On top of that, they got a new makeup bag. A beautiful day after the party = happy guests = successful party. It just makes sense. Click here to purchase. 

4. Viva Noir Day-to-Night Purser Duo

Send them off with a gift every girl can use. Not only will they be smelling great, they have a new bottle of perfume for day time, and another for the evening. Get Viva la Juicy & Viva Noir Day-to-Night Purser Duo for just $25. Click here to purchase.

5. Butter London Waterless Manicure


All girls enjoy pampering themselves every once and a while. Butter London believes the use of water and cuticle clipping compromises the integrity of a long lasting manicure. No water means less chipping. No clipping means less chance of infection. This kit features all the tools that a girl needs to achieve a perfect manicure every time. Click here to purchase. 

 6. L.V.Kiki Box



Last but not least, the box of all boxes, the L.V.Kiki box. The LVK box is a perfect solution for a girl's gift bag at a party of all ages.The best part is, they put together looks and sell it as a one-time purchase box for $25. This way you don't have to feel committed and you can try the box out before you subscribe. Each box comes individually packaged with L.V.Kiki organza bags so that you're guests have a place to store their accessories. Their subscription is only $19 but to shop individual boxes, just go to the shop boxes collection. If you contact the L.V.Kiki team at they're more than happy to work with you to customize your boxes and discuss discount rates for bulk purchases. Click here to purchase. 

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