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Benefits of "I Want It All"

If you are like me, you will always want to get the most out of everything. If you are deciding which subscription package to choose from, I would advise you to choose the “I want it all, Combo”. This combo consists of 6-8 items which you are then able to modify to fit your needs.

1) It is slightly higher in price, but you get 2-3 extra items which is less than what you would pay for in a store.

2) Being open to receive different items will enhance your wardrobe.
  a. If you like Gold and receive a silver necklace or earrings, I assure you, at one point they will be used because there are certain outfits that look better in silver and vice versa.
  b. The items you might not necessarily wear you can gift either to your family or friends and it will make their day a little better to receive an unexpected gift.

3) If you get one item you don’t like you still have more chances of getting items you do like than with a regular box.

4) Too many accessories are never enough. I’m constantly changing my jewelry and donating items because they are no longer my style so I’m constantly looking for new things or I get tired of wearing the same ones. Accessories can make an outfit look completely different and that’s why they become your best friends and the more you have to play around with, the better!


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