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Best Subscription Boxes To Enhance Your Wardrobe

Never let anyone tell you there’s such a thing as too many accessories, you don’t need that type of negativity in your life. Accessories are what pull any outfit together, that small attention to detail is key. Below are the best monthly subscription boxes for those fashion obsessed, accessory lovers, looking to expand their closet!
L.V Kiki
Cost: $19/Month
How it Works: L.V. Kiki supplies its members with 4-6 accessories in each box for the member to keep. There is a wide range of accessories including sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, and more!
Rocks Box
Cost: $19/Month
How it Works: Rocks Box delivers 3 pieces each month for the member to wear on loan. When the member is ready for new pieces, just send back the old ones and wait for your new pieces!
Wantable Accessories
Cost: $40/Month
How it Works: Wantable has three different collections including: makeup, accessories, and Intimates. Each box contains 3-5 for the member to keep.
Emma & Chloe
Cost: $35/Month
How it Works: Each month, Emma & Chloe sends out one unique piece of French designer jewelry ranging from $50-$200 in value.  
Thread & Flourish
Cost: Every other month/$39.95
Every four months/$37.95
Every six months/$35.95
How it Works: Every other month, members receive a box containing an artisan scarf from around the globe, plus two other surprises!
The Trendy Box
Cost: $35/Month
How it Works: Each month, Trendy Box members will receive 2-4 fashion accessories.
Glamour Jewelry Box
Cost: $21/Month
How it Works: Each month, Glamour Jewelry Box members will receive 3 jewelry pieces for the member to keep.
Editor’s Pick:
With tons of different fashion and accessory subscription boxes out there, it can be tough to decide which one really has the best deal! Don’t feel overwhelmed because we did the research for you. We’ve selected the best fashion and accessory subscription box based on value, quantity of items, and member perks. When comparing the seven different monthly subscription boxes, L.V. Kiki is the best bang for your buck! At just $19/month, members receive 4-6 different fashion accessories that they get to keep! Yes, that’s right, they are yours forever. Several monthly subscription boxes require you to return your items in order to receive new ones but this isn’t the case with L.V. Kiki. L.V. Kiki supplies the most items amongst the seven different subscriptions, often supplying members with an entire outfit!

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