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Hair Trends- Spring 2018

Rain or shine: Blossom this Spring with new hairstyles.
How many times have you walked through a store, picked up a hair accessory, thought it was really cute but put it back down because you knew you’d never wear it? I think many times we stay away from hair accessories because we don’t know how to wear them or because it’s much easier to walk out of the house with your hair down, pony tail, or messy bun than to try and do something different. When we think of accessories we normally don’t take into account hair accessories, but they play a big part in making an outfit complete. I don’t know about you but I think that with every outfit, there is a specific hairstyle to go with it.
Now that we are in the month of April and the weather isn’t as pretty as we had hoped and we have to hide our hair in hoodies, raincoats or umbrellas it is the perfect time to learn how to style our hair that no rain or snow can ruin. Once summer comes rolling around and we don’t want hair in our face because it is too hot, we will have already mastered a couple of hairstyles that are on trend we can carry forward for summer. If you look back at the April/Summer fashion shows you will notice that the 90’s are coming back in hair trends and L.V.Kiki is ready with hair clips, headbands, and styling tips off the runway.

Hair Clips

Hair trends
Hair trends

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