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The White T-shirt

Who doesn’t love to go out? Many people, you’d be surprised, especially in the summer! While summer comes with sweat and dehydration it also comes with many opportunities to do fun activities. We all know that when summer comes rolling around it’s easier to throw on a dress or a t shirt because it’s too hot to want to want to wear anything else. My Favorite go-to for the summer when I don’t know what to wear is jeans and a white t-shirt because you can style it many different ways. Also, nothing is more comfortable and stylish to wear during the sunny summer days than white clothing.
• White does not absorb the sun’s heat.
• White t-shirt is a basic item that will never go out of style.
• White t-shirts look great at any age.
• White t-shirts can be dressed casually or dressed up. (it all depends on the style you buy)
Now, L.V.Kiki accessories is here to help you create the perfect outfit using what you’ve received in past boxes or what you will receive in future boxes. Here are some quick inspirations you can use for your upcoming activities, whether it’s simply having a picnic, going out for brunch, going to the beach or attending/hosting barbecues. The great thing about the white t-shirt is that in can be paired with any color denim or bottoms and it could be pants, shorts or skirts. What transforms the outfit is how you choose to accessorize. If you look at the inspirations below you can see what you best identify yourself with depending on your style; whether you like the more subtle/simple style or a statement style L.V.Kiki has got your covered.
You can throw on a hat and pair it with a fun necklace to give your outfit a chic touch or you can throw on a simple necklace, a Kimono and a cute handbag. Handbags are also a big accessory that makes outfits look polished and complete. However, there is no right or wrong answer, it’s about you and what accessories you feel comfortable in. Have fun this summer mix matching the accessories you receive in your L.V.Kiki Subscription boxes and get ready to receive many compliments!

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